name-typefacesThe first typeface I selected to write my name with is called HVD Bodedo. My reasons for choosing this are based less on the aesthetics of the characters themselves and more on the process used to create the font detailed in the specimen book. The creators cut characters reminiscent of the Bodoni typeface into potatoes, and HVD Bodedo was born of stamps of these cuts. I really like the depth behind the creation – the classic made new in an unexpected way, the imperfection of the results, etc. In a lot of ways, I feel like that represents a lot of the processes we find ourselves a part of at ITP.

Next is Courier New. I selected this typeface to represent my interest in playwriting and storytelling in general. I haven’t done a lot with playwriting (especially recently, which I need to change!), but storytelling runs in my blood. Courier is the script’s standard font, as supposedly the monospace characters allow those involved in a production to quickly estimate how long a performance will take. I think that’s crap, but there you go.

Third is a typeface called Amadeus, which represents my interest in music. I’ve played bassoon and piano in some combination for most of my life, and am currently playing the bassoon with the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra. I can’t say I care too much for the look of this typeface, but I think it’s a bit interesting how they attempted to incorporate old style, stringed instruments into the characters. I don’t think they were terribly successful.

Fourth, I selected Futura. When I first started out in nonprofit communications, I was faking everything. When I edited my first video, I selected the typeface for lower thirds and title slides by randomly flipping through typefaces until I found something I liked. It was Futura, and from then on I used it in many of my projects. It brings back a lot of really great memories from some of the work I did early on. It was an amazing organization and environment, and I was given a huge amount of freedom to explore new avenues for communication.

Fifth, I used a typeface called Capture It. I don’t like the way the I and the B in my last name run together, but I do like the grittiness and anti-authority feel to the typeface as a whole. I detest much of the status quo, and this piece of the typeface appeals to me greatly. Lots of people get left behind in the current systems at work in our society, and we need to constantly question them and work towards change.

Lastly, I selected ElliotSix. This typeface doesn’t follow many of the rules we discussed last class – the x height, baseline, and other measurements can’t really be established (or at least, in the case of the x height, it wouldn’t tell us anything more meaningful than the height of the x). It has a very whimsical, free spirited quality to it. I chose it to represent my general curiosity, which has led me to have a diverse set of experiences. During my undergrad, I at certain times majored in theater, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials engineering (it took a lot of iterations of engineering to realize it wasn’t for me!), and sociology. In my working life, I’ve gone from nonprofit space, to enlisting in the Army (very briefly), back to nonprofit space, to ITP. Where the future will take me remains to be seen.

Expressive Words


MINIMIZE. Typeface: Futura



CANNIBAL. Typeface: Disgusting Behavior



CLASSIFIED. Typeface: Top Secret

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