Outrage Machine Proposal

Topic of Outrage?

Social privilege

What is your loose project idea or proposal?

Discussions of privilege often lead to defensive rather than constructive outrage. Our goal is to educate and spread awareness of the many dimensions of privilege. We envision our project as a conversation starter and a thought provoker, asking viewers to think about privilege and engage with those around them in real time.

Our video will invite passersby to engage by directly featuring them on screen, and will utilize a variety of tools to hold their attention and provoke meaningful discussion. Inspired by the example at <http://www.buzzfeed.com/nathanwpyle/this-teacher-taught-his-class-a-powerful-lesson-about-privil#.tozEdWYbLa>, we will develop metaphors that work in a digital context to teach about different types of privilege. Approaching the video like a collage, we will incorporate social data, quotations from relevant sources, and other artistic works in collaboration (with <https://youtu.be/7rYL83kHQ8Y> as our initial inspiration). We will also offer solutions to the question, “OK, I am/am not so privileged. What now?”

How do you plan on engaging the public?

We plan to have several interactive elements. They include:

1) Using the technology outlined in the video at <http://wefilm.nl/cases/augmented-billboard-against-aggression>, we wish to display those in front of the video on screen in real time. This is a visual representation of the passiveness and lack of outrage that most people, especially those enjoying many privileges, feel. During the video, viewers will be asked to gesture and interact physically in ways that will enhance their understanding of their privilege (or lack thereof) and metaphorically represent a chipping away at apathy. The goal is to make the audience feel responsible and motivated to make change.

2) Throughout the video, viewers will be invited to participate in discussion on Twitter via a related hashtag. Tweets will be displayed as part of the collage. Hastracking and the live display of resulting data will be explored as well.

3) A web interface will allow interested viewers to learn more and connect on a deeper level. We will develop and collect videos, reports and studies, and articles about privilege.

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