A Logo I Like – Khan Academy


I like this logo very much, as it seems to work on both a conceptual and aesthetic level. It’s very simple, but says a lot about the business. the colors work ┬ávery well together. The raised hand is a symbol of education in this instance, but also works as a trunk for a tree representing personal growth through the education provided. The leaves aren’t so uniform so as to be boring, but aren’t horribly chaotic either. The typefaces (I believe there are two, unless the top typeface is simply a thicker weight, rounded corner version of the bottom) are simple and attractive. The hierarchy works well – Khan is the first thing my eyes are attracted to, followed by the tree. The one thing I’m not completely sold on is the horizontal line between KHAN and ACADEMY; it seems kind of extraneous and distracting.

My Logo

I began my logo design by considering the things that made me…me. I did a bit of mind mapping, considering my professional history, interests and hobbies, etc.


This is going to sound crazy, but after staring at this for a while I decided an egg would be an appropriate image to use in my logo. It’s come up as a symbol in my playwriting work to a certain extent, and I love what it can represent. Eggs are delicate, and represent the future, rebirth, uncertainty, etc. Building a better future is really key to me, so I decided to go with my gut and focus around an egg. I drew several sketches that incorporated whole and cracked (at various stages) eggs with my name in different ways.




From there, I settled on a cracked egg for clarity’s sake and my name in a combination of caps and lowercase. I knew that I wanted to use something sans serif and modern looking, preferably without too much weight to match thin lines around the egg components. It was an amazing opportunity to explore the pen tool and work with curves. I spent way more time than I should have playing around with my points in a curve and seeing how that changed the entire shape. Eventually I settled on something. It definitely shows my lack of experience using these tools, but I’m not too unhappy with it.


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