Interaction Observation

For my observation, I pretended to shop while watching people use the cart escalator at Target. I apologize for the blurry photo, I was trying to be inconspicuous; the whole thing felt incredibly creepy.


If I had gone during a busier time, the observations might have been much more interesting. The most difficult part for people was successfully angling the cart through the small space between more carts and the poles blocking the regular escalator. The poles actually make no sense to me. In theory I understand their function, but if someone really had their heart set on pushing a cart down the regular escalator they can still do so via the huge gap between the poles and escalator to the left. All they seem to do as designed is make it much more difficult for people to easily and efficiently move between floors.┬áThere was one instance of someone not pushing the cart far enough through the green gates, and they were confused when the cart didn’t move. Overall, the process took just a few seconds and seemed straightforward for the vast majority of people.

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