Hourly “Comic”

For my hourly comic, I did two things: first, I took around 2 minutes of audio in real time during each hour of my day; and second, at the end of each our I selected an emoji that seemed to best represent that hour.

General Thoughts

This was a hard exercise. Despite constantly trying to remember that I was doing this project, there was one hour that I forgot to record audio for. I definitely found myself behaving differently, from the planning of which day I was going to do it (making sure it had interesting things going on) as well as planning when I did things to ensure interesting hourly updates. I’m going to make a conscious choice that may weaken the project not to list what I did each hour; instead, I’m going to present the audio and the emoji without any additional information.

9a: 😠

10a: 🐶

11a: 🚉

12p: 🖼

1p: 😐

2p: 🌯

3p: 🗣

4p: 💻

5p: 💻

6p: 🍻

7p: 📺

8p: 📺

9p: 📺

10p: 📺

11p: 📺

2 thoughts on “Hourly “Comic”

  1. It’s interesting that you chose audio.
    I agree that it doesn’t give out specifics of how you feel or what exactly are you doing but on the other hand it gives a lot of information about the environment that your are in.
    I know it is related to know WordPress template is built but if you had an opportunity to present it to a bigger audience, I would focus on the size on emojis and maybe embed audio files into them, so visually it would look as one piece, sort of emoji audio library 🙂

  2. Hi Ian,
    First of all, I do like the clean/minimalist look of your hourly journal. I think the emojis are important to ground the audio files, though you don’t always use them consistently (not a good or bad thing necessarily, but for example the faces at 9am and 1pm are providing commentary on the situation whereas the dog and train emojis are purely informational). For fun I decided to make guesses as to what was happening at certain times:

    9am: Facebook argument?
    12pm: Getting hypnotized??
    3pm: Probability games???

    From 3pm onward I stopped the guessing game, and I think it’s because the computer and tv emojis are not enticing clues, even if they are descriptive. At any rate I like that you had a unified concept. Like Ruta, I’m curious about how you could make this accessible to a broader audience!

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