Midterm: Exploring Regret

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about things I regret. Though I generally try to avoid speaking for every person in the world, I think we all have regrets. With regret comes guilt and shame, emotions that¬†manifest as a mental “weight” that can feel very physical. For my midterm, I want to explore the concept of regret, and create a collaborative platform where users can work to reduce the weight of the regrets of others.

I envision a few elements combined to create this environment. The first,¬†which I will require each user to do at least once before being able to interact with other elements, is a place to enter regrets. As regrets are added, some variable controlling weight increments upwards. I’m not sure what visual cue there will be connected to the “weight,” if any.

Combined with this will be a chat interface for users to discuss regret as a concept or the specific regrets that users have contributed. There will also be a collaborate drawing portion that would ask folks to draw the opposite of what they regret – that is, what they are most proud, happy, or content about in their life. Interacting with either the chat or drawing interface will reduce the collective weight over time.

All of this seems doable to me in a week. I never managed to get collaborative drawing working without massive glitches, so that will be a small challenge. How to display things visually in order to strengthen the conceptual framework will also be a challenge. I look forward to working through them for my midterm.